©Copyright Law and
It is unlawful to reproduce images in any form, by any means,
without the permission of the Copyright Owner.  As the
Photographer, Gregg Garrett is the owner of the Copyright.  
What this means is that if you wish to use his photos for any
purpose, you must first receive permission from Gregg Garrett.  
Please abide by the Copyright Laws.

Questions and Answers about Copyright Law.

Q:  I bought this photo from you, can I have it copied or reproduced?
A:  No - Not without permission.  When someone sells you a photo, you are
buying certain rights to display it on your wall, or in an album, and paying for
the cost of producing the print.

Q:  Who has Copyrighted products and what are they?
A:  Writers, Artists, Photographers, Actors -  anyone who creates a "literary,
musical, or artistic work" that is published.  If a photo is Copyrighted (as
mine are), that means that it is illegal to reproduce the image IN ANY FORM
without permission from the creator -  this includes copy machines, reprints,
computer scanners, T-shirts, calendars, or any other way that you can

Q:  What should I do if I want to reproduce this photo?
A:  The only LEGAL way is to get copies from me or ask for written
permission.  Depending on the reason for reproducing the image, I "may"
give permission without charging any more use fees.  All reasonable
requests will be considered.   I have a large investment in both equipment
and time, and strive to provide only professional quality photos.

Thank you for your understanding...